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Glass Fiber Pillows

Switch from spray insulation to pillow insulation after main overhauling

  • Removal of old spray insulation and measurement of turbine
  • Design and fabrication of insulation pillows during overhauling
  • Assembling of new insulation pillows at end of overhauling (approx. 5 weeks)

Red color was provided on special customer’s request

Pillow insulation                                                                    Spray insulation

Pillow insulation (spherical shape) on gas turbine

Technical Advantages

  • Different insulation thicknesses (same heat loss) possible due to use of different filling materials
  • Different designs available:
    • Multilayer with flat shapes
    • Single layer with spherical shape
  • Available for all additional components, e.g. Flanges and Valves, requiring regular maintenance

Plant Operator’s Benefits

  • Long-term savings due to reusability after turbine overhauling
  • Mid-term savings due to short assembly and disassembly times during turbine outage / overhauling
  • Single piece identification tag enables quick and cost-efficient replacement

Pillow insulation (flat shape) on steam turbine