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Glass Fiber Pillows

Switch from spray insulation to pillow insulation after main overhauling ...

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Glass Fiber Cover

Protection of insulation pillows against contamination caused by ...

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Heat Retention Shield

Clear separation between insulation and bearing (convection next to bearing casing) ...

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Protection of insulation pillows against mechanical effects. Protection against oil ...

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Spray Insulation

Very little prefabrication / engineering required and therefore very short lead time ...

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Parting Joint Cassettes

Extreme fast and tool free access to turbine split joint due to metal cassettes with ...

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Combined Noise & Heat Insulation

Sandwich layout of cassettes with noise absorbing and reflecting effects ...

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Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic insulation is used around indoor and outdoor equipment to attenuate ...

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Sheet Metal Jacketing

Achieving perfect fit and reusability by engineering and use of proper machinery ...

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Custom fit

  • Manufacturing and pre-fabrication of all insulation components according to CAD data
  • Variety of manufacturing procedures performed in parallel to shorten lead times
  • Use application of CAD/CAM precision machinery for metal processing
  • Assembly-experienced staff to respect site-necessities